In the world on Instagram and Pinterest there are so many beautiful ship lapped walls and painted interior doors that we swoon over and dream to do to our own homes. As someone who both owns a home in North Carolina and lives in a Military provided house in Arizona I know it can be such a struggle to feel like the home you are in is YOUR home if you don’t own it and can’t shiplap all of the things. I want to encourage you to personalize and love your home, even if you are renting it!

Get Creative!

Sure, we can’t demo the kitchen and put in the bathrooms of our dreams, but we can apply contact paper just about any surface we wanna change up! Try a backslash with washable contact paper, or maybe you hate those counter tops in your guest bathroom…contact paper to the rescue!  You can even get that shiplap look you have been drooling over from your favorite accounts on Instagram.

Open Shelving!

Now this one I have done, and absolutely love! it’s so easy, affordable and one way to really but some character into your home no matter if you rent or own!  simply get some wood, brackets, and screws! you can personalize these with paint, stain, or anything your beautiful, creative mind can come up with!

Here are mine from Install day.

Really, Get Creative!

I can obviously not stress this enough! You are reading this because you are creative! you have Ideas swirling around in your head and just need a little push…so here it is…PUSH! don’t because afraid of nails, command strips, TAPE! lol if you cant put holes in your walls- there are so many options out there for you! here is what I created with tape. lol

book page wall paper!

tape and nails don’t scare me, as you see on my wall. =)

Keep It In Budget!

FACT: You don’t want to put a ton of money into something you don’t get to keep. I know that struggle between worth it and wait. Book pages did not break my bank account for wall paper and I re purposed something that someone else was gong to throw away.

If you have any other suggestion please feel to share them with me and other readers! Lets make house a home! Love hearing for you, Buddies!