So, many of you have heard about the Rae Dunn pottery craze. Many people long to find a single piece (we won’t even mention those hard to find “unicorns”). We have been collecting since May of 2017, and thought it would be a great gesture to share our tips & tricks with those of you who may be struggling to build your collection. While it may seem difficult to find these pieces, I promise you it can be done!

1. Make friends with other collectors: This is the most important tip we can give you! Strength in numbers will help you find those pieces you don’t already have. Not to mention, you can make some very good friends along the way. Just remember not to get upset if they find a piece they need for their collection, and they don’t give it to you. We use our network of friends to hit multiple stores in our metro area, and have amazing success each time!

2. Determine what stores carry the items you long for: It’s no secret that HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx are the places to go to find Rae Dunn at wholesale prices; however, we have noticed that some stores stock more of certain items. For example, Marshall’s normally has more mugs than the other stores, so if you’re after mugs then go there. We have found that HomeGoods tends to have more of the different lines, such as the polka-dot collection, holiday items, and seasonal pieces. TJ Maxx tends to carry the “unicorns” in our area, such as the long letter (LL) canisters, teapots, trays, and tools.

Rae Dunn Pottery

3. Make friends with the employees: Remember that these employees get asked on a regular basis about whether they have any Rae Dunn in the back, and that could drive any sane person crazy. People are often abrasive about the way they approach the employees, which would make anyone jaded about this pottery craze. Please be courteous and genuine with these employees (notice the “BE KIND” mug above), and they will show you respect in return. There are rules and stipulations that prohibit them from going to the back to check for pieces, but if it is on the floor, they will often lead you to it. Furthermore, they will often give you information about when they will receive their shipments.

4. Determine the times employees stock the shelves: This differs based on individual locations, but if you time it right, you can find those pieces you long for. Again, don’t bug the employees about going to the back to check for you. Just wait around if you don’t time it correctly. Patience is a virtue! Consider going to another store while you wait. It is an absolute myth that if you show up when the doors open, you will find all of the pieces. This generally does not happen for us, and we are often luckier going to the stores around lunch time.

Rae Dunn Pottery

5. Stay away from upsellers if possible: Not only will you pay an exorbitant amount for something you could have gotten much cheaper by exercising some patience, but you run the chance that the shipper doesn’t know how to properly pack your item. Imagine spending $100 on your unicorn, only to have it show up in 100 pieces! That’s a dollar per piece! If we stop giving business to the upsellers online, then they will stop making purchases. This would ultimately result in more pieces available to us in the stores at wholesale prices! You can find some awesome giveaways on Instagram (which you will see often on my Instagram). Take advantage of these giveaways, because you may be the lucky one who wins!

6: Don’t clear the shelves…if possible: There have been times where this was not an option for me, as I am generally making purchases for other ladies in my network of collectors. However, if at all possible, leave items for others. Only take the items you need to complete your collection. Why do you need 5 cookie containers? Unless you are one of those yucky upsellers…..BOOOOOO!

Rae Dunn Pottery

7. Have fun with it, and remember that it doesn’t happen overnight: Most people with a large collection have been collecting for years. The only reason we have all of our unicorns is because we followed the steps outlined above. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen this quick for you. Also, don’t let others try to drag you down. There are some mean, nasty collectors that can really turn people away from this hobby. DON’T LET THEM WIN! For every nasty person, there are 15 great people who would gladly be your Dunn buddy.

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