Ever wondered what to do with those old, worn, tattered books (besides love them)? Well, we have a few simple solutions that can really make a difference, transforming your space into a romantic and timeless storybook! These projects are very simple, and anyone can do them.

The supplies you will need:

Double sided tape

Small nails


book wall

That is really all you have to use to create a gorgeous vintage masterpiece that people will love! Just tear a bunch of pages out of a few books (no need to make them look pretty), and attach them on the wall with the double sided tape. Next, take the books that you tore pages out of, and nail them to the wall, making sure to leave some of the pages bent and folded so it looks as if the books are losing their pages as they move across your wall. And that’s about it! I got this inspiration from one of my Instagram friends, who is the owner of Cotton Stem Interiors. I’d love to know what you think of this idea, and can’t wait to see your creations!

book wall

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