Ever wondered what to do with your recessed walls? We recently moved into our home here on Fort Huachuca, and the Arizona housing style threw us for a loop! We had this recessed opening, and we didn’t want to just hang a picture (because that’s what everyone expects you to do). So, we weighed our options for something unique, and true to our style. Enter our open shelving!

Step 1: Measure the opening. Remember to measure twice before you go pick up your wood and hardware. Also, make sure you use a stud finder. If you don’t have studs, then all your hard work and gorgeous items may come crashing down!

Step 2: Take the trip to your local hardware store to purchase the necessary items. For us, it was as follows:

Four 6′ x 12″ x 1″ boards

Eight brackets (two for each shelf)

Minwax stain (in your favorite color)

Sponges for applying your stain to the wood

Wood screws (to mount into the studs)

Step 3: Measure, cut, and stain your wood. Measure twice, cut once!

Step 4: As your stain dries, mount your brackets to the wall. We used a square and a level to ensure they were flush with each other, and measured from top to bottom to ensure our spacing between shelves was adequate.

Step 5: Once the wood dries, shelves on top of your brackets, then screw them in with wood screws.

Step 6: Decorate your open shelving with whatever you have laying around that will look nice!

We have rearranged our open shelving multiple times since we installed them a few weeks ago. It really is a nice way to bring character to the awkward space that was there! I hope your enjoy your open shelving as much as we do!

open shelving

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