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Hey friends! Happy Sunday over here! I feel like I have been a bit disconnected from the real world and social media the past few days and just wanted to do a round up of all things going on over here at the Burg Nest. As most of my friends and followers know, we are moving to Arizona come end of this month. We are military and are on a waiting list for housing on post. I called a few days ago and got the news that there will not be a house ready for us when we officially get there July 1st *womp womp* so now we are in the process of looking for a month to month furnished rental to stay in for a few months till housing becomes available or possibly buying out west. I’m still processing all of this (hints: me being quite and sorta stuck in my own head) Our first choice was to live on post and never move again, EVER till the Army came a-knocking  in 3- 4+ years. This summer is going to be like one big long vacation staying in foreign homes and living out of suit cases, if I look at it like a vacation that does help make the uncertainty of where we are going to live a little less in the four front of my mind. But truthfully, I’m overwhelmed because: 5 people, no house, dog, school starting in August…you know…that stuff haha. Outside of the uncertainty of having a place to stay,there is plenty to be excited for! I mean we are moving to Arizona! Never in a million years did I see this happening- even when Aaron told me it could happen I could not imagine desert living, but now that this is our reality I’m just so excited to get out there and plant roots and start working! So I’m sorry for being so MIA around here and will try to do my best to update everyone as things become known- this is all truly exciting, even the unknown parts. If we don’t get to stay on post in the house we want to say in- how fun would it be to redecorate and remodel another Burg Nest- out west??!!