Hey there friends and fellow DIY lovers!  I thought today we could go over one of my favorite pieces to date, which is saying a lot because I have painted tons of furniture in my day! I think it’s one of my favorites because my friend, within 24 hours of starting my interior decorating business, wrote me and told me she wanted me to paint a cabinet that her grandma had given her. I was just so thankful that she thought of me to do it!

Here is another simple DIY tutorial for you to try at home yourself!

What you will need:

PAINT : Once you know what piece you want to paint, you need to choose your paint. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax ( I used Old White with clear and dark wax). With this paint, you don’t need to sand or prime before getting started (yeah, you read that right! It’s the best!). Simply wipe down your piece to remove any dirt, dust, or sticky fingers and make sure your surface is dry.

CLEAR AND DARK WAX: The Annie Sloan wax changes the color of the paint (yes, even the clear wax), while helping age the piece and giving it a beautiful patina. Also, it seals and protects your chalk paint.

3 BRUSHES : One for paint, one for clear wax, and one for dark wax – always keep your brushes separated and use the right brush with the right application you are doing: paint, clear wax, dark wax. Easy!

SAND PAPER: I used a 220 fine grit sand paper (you can use a 100 fine for a more distressed look).

LINT FREE CLOTH: So…not a paper towel! lol


Remove all hardware and doors you don’t want the paint to touch. You can paint over hardware if you choose, and it does look beautiful.


Apply your first coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint and let it dry (it should be dry in about 30 min!), then go in for your second coat – the second coat is where you will have amazing coverage. You may only need two coats depending on the look you are wanting to achieve. Let the chalk paint dry completely. **I used about four coats on this cabinet for complete full coverage. My client wanted a clean look with minimal distressing.**



SANDING AND DISTRESSING: Give your piece some character- think corners, handles, and edges. Feet of dressers and side boards and detailed areas that are risen. Have fun and make it beautiful!



Wax on Wax off!

This is where things become official. Yes, we are about to put wax on your beautiful furniture – if you have never worked with chalk paint before this may seem kinda weird or unnecessary, but this step is very important. You want to seal and protect all the work you just did to your piece. WAX ON: Apply a generous amount of CLEAR Annie Sloan wax to your surfaces and rub into the paint (I used a circular buffing motion). WAX OFF: Wipe the wax off using your lint free cloth to get rid of any excess wax, you don’t want the build up of wax. It will dry with lumps if its not wiped away nice and smooth.

DARK WAX APPLICATION!!! You need a very little bit….think “a little goes a long way.” It’s very true in this instance.

 Apply your dark wax where you want to add more age. Focus on corners and any place you would naturally touch, like handles and fronts of doors. If your piece has a lot of detail, consider putting some dark wax on it to give it some contrast and pull out the details. WIPE AWAY ANY EXCESS: If you get too much dark wax in an area and you want to remove it, put some clear wax in that area and that helps lift the dark wax -then wipe it away.


Now let it cure. This can take up to 5 weeks for it to be fully cured (paint is the same way so don’t freak out- just be careful with your piece). Enjoy your new piece!